Crash Demonstrations

Delta Bloc

DELTA BLOC DB 100/6m K280 Crash Barrier System

The live crash test will be performed using a 7.5t rigid HGV traveling at 44mph impacting the barrier system at 15 degrees. The system is used in highway applications where H4a containment level is required to protect road workers and vulnerable structures where a normal containment level would be inadequate.

Company: DELTA BLOC UK Ltd
Product: DELTA DB 100 system (permanent precast safety barrier) aprox 100m long
Speed of impact: 44mph
Angle of impact: 15 degrees
Vehicle: 7.5t rigid truck  


Highway Care

Armorflex Raptor Crash Cushion

Highway care will perform a 32mph crash test into a 13" mild steel post protected by the new Armorflex Raptor Crash Cushion. A safety device solely aimed at reducing the severity of vehicle impacts with utility poles and trees.

Company: Highway Care Ltd
Product: Armorflex Raptor Crash Cushion / 13" mild steel post
Speed of impact: 32mph
Angle of impact: 90 degrees
Vehicle: 900kg / 1500kg Car or Truck


15m Aluminium Lighting Column

Sapa will perform a 60mph crash test into a 15 meter aluminium, passively safe lighting column (100NE3). The column will be installed in a SIS Solo (Pillar) system provided by NAL to demonstrate successful disconnection/interruption of the supply using this system.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see Sapa Pole produicts patented shear-off solution. A in-built solution which is unique, as it is unaffected by the direction of the impact.

Company: SAPA Pole Products Ltd
Product: 1 x 15m 250mm / 76mm Cylindrical Stepped Lighting Colum mounted in a NAL RS 250 ground socket (sleeved foundation)
Speed of impact: 60mph
Angle of impact: 90 degrees
Vehicle: 2500kg Navara Truck

UK Roads Logo New 190

8m Steel Lighting Column

Using a 900kg car, UK Roads will be conducting a 60 mph head on impact into a 165mm wide steel lighting column. The column will be installed in a SIS Solo (Pillar) system provided by NAL.

Product: 165mm / 8m Steel Lighting Column
Speed of impact: 60mph
Angle of impact: 90 degree front impact
Vehicle: 900 kg Car (Suzuki Swift)